The Federation is an organization within the story of A Space Adventure that spans across multiple generations. It's prominence is in A Space Adventure: The Beginning of The Future where it is heavily structured and oversees all of the Unity universe with law and regulation. 

Brief HistoryEdit

Before federation control each company had its own rules and regulations over the planets that they owned. In a way, the highest bidder would get control over planets that they owned. The federation itself started as a small company that only wished for peace; soon acquiring most of the planets, systems, and companies. The federation, to ensure peace, proposed a plan of action to the planets and systems they owned as well as to planets and system that they did not own. The suggestion was to let every planet make their own rules and regulations based on a governmental system that had the intention of the greater good. 

The politicians would be chosen for each planet among the planet born organisms which would have to pass through a certain education as well as a voting period. The systems decided to would be best to follow; they were persuaded to think that peace was an easy thing to obtain. Soon each planet had its own set of rules and regulations, based on the federation’s rules as promised.


The federation gained control many years in the past and brought the idea of law and order among the vast ocean of space. Many were against this new power that rose, however peace slowly started to escalate once the federation took over. A group of various alien races came together to form what was known as the anti-federation or the AF.

The AF proceeded to gain trust among many diverse civilizations from different parts of the galaxies, sealing off most of the region of space known as Narse. The AF, after many years of progress, elected a leader named Shawl. Shawl turned the AF into something so much greater. The AF, which was originally founded by Ray Fleenix(and his small crew), was now changing under the rule of Shawl. Shawl was bringing order to the AF and only one year after his step up to power he changed the whole method of operations as well as the organization’s name. The Anti-Federation was then renamed to the Monarchs.

Shawl was slowly manipulating the ideals and reasons that the AF started for. Shawl sought power; he wanted total control of space itself, much like the federation but with less freedom. The idea of starting AF was to convince the federation to return space to what it was.