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Fay Howell is a character in A Space Adventure: Beginning of the Future that is played by Mr. Keaton on She is a female Lup'Ine that joined onto Slayn's crew as the team engineer and computer expert. Fay's personality is unstable at best, much to the annoyance of her team members, and often panics in dangerous situations. She has little to no combat skill which forces her to fill a support role in missions.


Fay's personality can be best described bi-polar. She can go from shy to optomistic to panic in a reletaivly short span of time. It can be speculated that her entire species is also subject to rash and sudden changes in emotion. Often in combat situations Fay resorts to panicking and often failing in mission critical duties as seen in the undercover inspection mission.

She often compares herself to her fellow crew members and is often placing her entire species' reputation on her actions. This attitude is her driving force and is the only reason she hasn't completly broken down yet. Her sanity has slowly been broken down by the events that take place in each subsequent mission.

In the undercover brothel mission it is seen that she snaps and is locked in a beseark mental state as she is under the influence and control of Jan-Jan Larn. In this state she would attack anyone else that Jan-Jan specified including fellow team members. During this confrontation she was shot in the foot by Vicky and Fay killed Moonpar before finally being incapacitated by Kyros. This beseark state was stated by Nlayer to be an inherent part of Fay's psychie that could resurface at any time.

Mission RecordEdit

To date captain Richard Slayn has lead his team through four missions. Fay's service record is detialed below for each mission which includes her performance as well as post mission status. Each mission is undertaken by Slayn's main exipedition team which includes Vaster, Vicky, Kyros, Fay, and Slayn. For a more detailed mission outline see the missions page.

Undercover Infiltration MissionEdit

This mission was an inflitration type mission, the goal being to locate the Monarch's main base of operations. The plan consisted of Slayn posing his ship and crew as a regular Federation inspection vessal and docking with a known Monarch Vessal orbiting a sun at the time. The infiltration team consisted of Slayn's main expedition team which was split into two groups. Group blue was tasked to inspect the mainframe and consisted of Kyros and Fay, while group red was tasked with inspecting a map and art gallery and consisted of Vicky and Vaster. Slayn himself would follow the captain of the Monarch vessel to his quaters to search for data.

Upon docking with the vessel They were greated by the vessel's captain along with two gaurds. The captain was a human along with one of the gaurds and the remaining gaurd was a Lios. The group Fay was in had been assigned the human gaurd in charge of creating the vessel's mainframe system as well as developing and programming the ship's CI unit named ARLO. Both Fay and Kyros were lead to the mainframe room while Fay attempted to come up with a bluff regarding hacker pirates and outof date firewall systems and Kyros backing up the story with details regarding another ship having firewall problems and suffering a core metldown due to previously mentioned pirates. However their bluff failed resulting in both the gaurd and ARLO closely watching both Fay and Kyros.

Fay and Kyros each came up with their own plan to follow up the previously failed bluff. Fay planned a work around to ARLO by connecting the Val'as' CI, ANO, to ARLO to extract data while fay hit ARLO with a virus designed to cripple proccessing power which she reffered to as a core bomb, most likely a program designed to act similarly to a denial of service attack. Kyros instead planned to kill the gaurd watching them giving Fay time to deal with ARLO. While Kryos easily and efficiently succeeded in his plan, Fay dismaly failed in hers, most likely due in part to the amount of stress she was building up over the course of the mission.

ARLO uploaded himself into a mobile platform and ejected himself from the mainframe while shutting down the entire ship, including life support systems. In addition it was explained ARLO had purposfully used a back up generator in the captain's quarters to power the ships engines to crash it into the sun. Another explanation for why the ship deorbited was that is wasn't in a stable orbit as it was a travelling vessel and it was being pulled into the sun since the ships systems where offline, though this was never directly stated. On top of that, no data was able to be salvaged from the mainframe and the mission had to be cut short as most of the crew had to make a frantic expodus from the ship. All in all Fay majorly comprimised the success of the mission in a single moment.

Once the crew and Slayn had regrouped Fay continued to be a problem as the now detatched ARLO aimed to shoot and kill Fay. Slayn quickly reacted to pull Fay out of the way however Vaster who was standing behind Fay took the shot intended for Fay through his chest, instantly killing him. ARLO managed to escape the encounter leaving Slayn and the rest of the team to frantically sprint back to their ship and escape. Fay, now suffering from disorientation and heat exhaustion, reached the docking ramp and thus the Val'as first. In her infinate wisdom she decides to overload the the only remaining power source left on the Monarch vessel to trick the docking ramp to disengage, leaving Kyros and Vicky on the other side, forcing them both to make a leap of faith. Fay did manage to manually re-engage the ramp on the Val'as' side so she could push it halfway back across the extender sleeve to shorten the distance that Kyros and Vicky had to jump.

Thanks mainly to Slayn's actions, Kyros and Vicky managed to jump across the ramp and Slayn finished disconnecting the extender sleeve. The only thing Fay was able to contribute at this point was to help Slayn climb back up to the ramp and help him onto the ship. This was possible the single positive contributing factor Fay accomplished through the entire mission.

Overall Fay was the major problem with this mission and suffered mental stress and scarring upon it's completion. She blamed herself for Vaster's death, even though later he was brought backt to life thanks to unknown medical practices from Tavlyn, an acquaintance of Slyan's, and as Vicky pointed out, she was also responsible for the countless number of innocent crew members stationed on the Monarch controlled vessel. The mission could be viewed as a success thanks to the work of Vaster and Slayn and their successful recovery of data on their end, however Fay managed to comprimise the safety of the crew and the mission. Overall Fay performed horribley and suffered mentally for it afterwards.

Brothel MissionEdit

Similar to the previous mission, the brothel mission was an infiltration mission to recover data. Based on the information captain Slayn had managed to recover, a criminal lord had information pertaining to what was implied to be a Monarch base. The criminal known as Jan-Jan Larn was known to have ties with the Monarchs and operated out of a levitating brothel on the Planet of Vasarn in the Valen reigion of space. Interestingly, the crew member Vaster Hash was born and raised on this planet.

Similar to the last mission, the crew was to split into two teams, the infiltration team and the distraction team. The infiltration team consisted of Fay and Vicky who were to disgues themselves as potential employees and present themselves to Jan-Jan. The distraction team consisted of Kyros and Vaster and was tasked with creating a distraction and providing support to lead Jan-Jan away and allow the infiltration team to search and acquire the data from a safe in Jan-Jan's office. The plan was for the distraction team to make a distraction on the ground level to call guards and Jan-Jan away. After that the distraction team would sneak up into the floating brothel and meet up with the infiltration team once the data had been secured. The reunited team would then make their way to an unmanned mail service vehicle, hijack it, and make their escape. The team would keep in communication with each other via a device known as an EarTel, a long range communication device that is hard to detect.

Fay was completly against her role in this mission but had little say in the matter and was forced to go along with the plan anyway. According to her, the role of brothel employee was the same as the lowest form of social class on her home planet. As a result Fay spent most of the first part of the mission whining, complaining, and being difficult. In addition Fay was bombarded with sensory overload when she left the ship. Her hightened sense of smell caused her to struggle with the atmosphere of the city.

Fay managed to compose herself when she and Vicky reached the front desk of the brothel's ground floor. Here she was lead up to the actual place of business by an intelectually challenged employee of Jan-Jan's known as Moonpar. From this point on untill reaching Jan-Jan's office the mission went as planned on Fay's end, even with Fay throwing between fits of paranoia and irritation.

Upon Reaching Jan-Jan's office, Fay and Vicky were introducted to Jan-Jan and an irritated associate of his known as General Ex Dee. At this point, the mission began to deteriorate. Shortly after the general left, vicky launched an attack against Moonpar which threw Jan-Jan into a panic and activated some kind of gravity security system that only targeted Vicky and Fay. While both were unable to move, Jan-Jan put restraint collars onn Fay and Vicky, designed to act as somewhat of a mind control device and force it's wearer to follow orders given by Jan-Jan.

These collars only effected organic life which exmpted Vicky from its effects. As such Vicky opened fire and hit Jan-Jan who then responded by ordering Fay to protect him and attack Vicky. At around the same time, the distraction team had completed their mission and by listening in via the EarTel, had come to rescue Fay and Vicky by blowing a hole in the floor and storming in. As Vaster and Kyros entered through the floor, Vicky had incapacitated Fay by shooting her in the foot and was chasing after Jan-Jan into his artifically grown jungle/garden.

At this time in the mission, Fay had lost all notions of sane thought and was in a beserk state, attacking anything that got within range. Kyros stayed behind to calm her down while Vaster assisted Vicky in hunting down Jan-Jan, to no success in either goal. Kyros had to throw Fay off of him when she lunged to attack, causeing her to instead crash into Moonpar and attack him instead. Kyros eventually had to resort to knocking her out, though accomplishing this goal, he hit harder than intended and sent her flying into a wall.

With Fay unconsious, Kyros was able to get the data from the safe and a key to remove the collars with help from Moonpar's dying actions. Kyros then carried Fay to the extration point and placed her inside the mail transport, though Vicky and Vaster did not make it in time. In order to save Vaster and Vicky, Kyros woke up Fay from her concussion to hack the unmaned transport and control it to go pick up Vaster and Vicky. Again Fay managed to succeed only at the end of a mission, piloting the craft under a hole in the jungle/garden in which a waterfall fell through. Vaster managed to get inside the craft and Vicky jumped on top and rode it all the way to their ship the Val'as. Fay temporarily blanked out and had to perform a crash landing when she reached her destination. After exiting the mail transport Fay finally passed out and was deemed to be in critical condition.

Overall Fay's performance could be viewed as an improvment when compared to the last mission as she didn't cause the mission to almost fail. However she did turn on her allies and required to be saved yet again and in addition ended up in worse condition and on top of everything gained a subconcious scar that could resurface at any point and send her into a beserk state. Fay eventually did recover and currently does not remember nor has been told about what took place after she went insane and tried to kill everyone.

Monarch Ship BattleEdit

Desert Planet Survival MissionEdit